CSU Theatre makes masks for essential employees

Sgt. Adam Smith with the CSU Police Department faced a significant need when Governor Jared Polis urged Coloradans to wear masks in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Thanks to the efforts of CSU Theatre’s costume shop, within a week of the announcement every essential member of CSUPD had two cloth masks.

Rams take care of rams: the well-known motto is being demonstrated by CSU Theatre students and staff. They have diligently created face masks for more than 1,000 essential employees across the CSU campus, starting with the police department.

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The sound of technology

While recorded sound was the ‘first big thing’ as far as technology’s impact on music, everything from the synthesizer to the computer and composition software has had an impact on how music is composed, created, and shared. Modern technologies in the classroom and in the performance halls at the University Center for the Arts allow music students and music patrons to experience state-of-the-art music performances.

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