CLA professional development funding for NTT faculty

Group photo of the Non Tenure Track

During the 2016-2017 academic year, Dean Ben Withers challenged each department in the College to develop goals, and under the leadership of Kristina Quynn, the CLA Adjunct Faculty Committee (CLA-AFC) developed committee goals. As a result, the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) is now piloting a professional development funding opportunity for non-tenure track faculty.

While effective teaching in higher education requires ongoing engagement in one’s discipline, for NTT faculty, there are many barriers to this engagement, including financial.  The availability of monies at the college level will greatly increase access to professional development opportunities and encourage NTT faculty to bring new insights, examples, and methods, as well as inspiration and enthusiasm into the classroom and beyond.

Over the last year the CLA-AFC has been developing this proposal and communicating with Bruce Rhonda and Alex Bernasek on roll out. We are pleased that the college has taken this step in that it recognizes the importance of professional development for NTT faculty. We believe it will be a win-win-win for the instructors, students, and the college!” –Suzanne Kent, CLA-AFC chair


Funds will be available beginning in October for this academic year (2017-18). The monies can be used to strengthen teaching and other job duties through engagement within academic fields and in areas of expertise.

To be eligible for funding under this pilot program, faculty must show a commitment of service of four semesters and hold a position of 75%+ FTE at the time of application.  Department heads will work with NTT faculty in their departments to further define the process and procedures for application, review, and funding of proposals.

I am excited to be working with the AFC to pilot this program to support the professional development of NTT faculty in the college. I look forward to working on other initiatives to recognize and support the important work of the NTT faculty in the college.” – Alexandra Bernasek, Senior Associate Dean

For more information on the funding, please contact your department chair.

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