CSU history students to launch online exhibit about Genghis Khan in April

Poster of Genghis Khan exhibit

 Twelve Colorado State University history students have created an online exhibit called “Genghis Khan and the Empire He Created,” which the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures will debut in April.

The exhibition is the work of students in the fall 2020 class “The Mongol Empire,” taught by Eli Alberts, an associate teaching professor in CSU’s Department of History. 

“The students were introduced to the Mongol Empire and how it brought the world together on a scale that had never been seen before,” Alberts said. “The students’ final class project was the creation of five story maps, with each map exploring a different aspect of the empire’s influence and reach.” 

About the story maps

The story maps cover the Mongol Empire from the 12th to 15th centuries. Visitors to the virtual display will learn: (1) how a man named Temujin emerged as the leader of a nation of peoples on the Mongolian steppe and came to be called Genghis Khan; (2) how the armies of Genghis Khan and his descendants conquered empires in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and China; (3) how the Mongols ruled, what they thought about different religions, and the role the Mongols played in the exchange of knowledge and technology across Eurasia; and (4) how the vast Mongol Empire fragmented and eventually collapsed. 

On April 22, Alberts will present The Life and Empire of Genghis Khan via Zoom beginning at 6 p.m. Registration for non-museum members is available at globalvillagemuseum.org. Admission to the program is $5 per Zoom connection. 

The Global Village Museum in Fort Collins is open with free admission by appointment Wednesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Appointments are available for up to five people in a group. For reservations, email admin@globalvillagemuseum.org or call 970-221-4600.