CSU’s Department of Economics hosts the Western States Graduate Student Workshop Oct. 21

Department of Economics, Colorado State University

This weekend, economics graduates students from the University of Utah, University of Missouri-Kansas City and Colorado State University will partake in the Western States Graduate Student Workshop here at CSU.

The eighth annual Western State Graduate Student Workshop was organized by the CSU and UT Department of Economics. The workshop is designed for students to present their research, acquire feedback and learn about the research taking place at other institutions.

Visiting students are hosted by CSU graduate students, which encourages community among young economists. The connections made help students navigate the graduate school process and build a career network.

Alex Duvall-Pelham, a CSU economics graduate student who attended last year workshop at the University of Utah, said,  “It was nice to see the similar experiences of like-minded people in a situation so akin to our own.”

The workshops will address topics including global  income distribution, financialization and household debt, and the effect of the labor market on incarceration rate, among others. In addition to the scheduled talks, long hours will be spent outside the workshops discussing everything from the state of the discipline, the travails of the dissertation, the job market and life in general. 

To see a complete schedule of the event, visit the Department of Economics website.

The Department of Economics is in CSU’s College of Liberal Arts.