Dean Withers: ‘Welcome to Colorado State University’

Welcome to Colorado State University!

Whether you are creating a new poem or painting, studying the health impacts of fracking on people living in certain communities, or connecting the ancient history of Colorado with people today, you are exploring what it means to be human and what it means to make a meaningful life.

And it is good that you are here. We live in a world that needs the mental flexibility, the ability to work in diverse teams, and the problem-solving skills found in the liberal arts. These are skills that are in such short supply in the world, and skills that have the potential to make you a leader in your chosen profession and in your community.

Dean Whithers

Ben Withers is dean of the College of Liberal Arts.

While at Colorado State, and for the rest of your lives, we hope you explore the physical space on our planet and the great ideas and cultures and histories of human beings all around the world. We hope each of you are engaged citizens of your communities, making them outstanding places to live and work for everyone. We will strive to deliver to each of you a liberal arts education that empowers you to accomplish great things by giving you the skills to be effective, ethical, committed, and courageous in everything you do.

Welcome, and good luck.


Ben Withers

Dean, College of Liberal Arts