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Liberal Arts and Health

Published Apr. 18, 2023

In 2022-23, CSU embarked on a thematic year of health. The College of Liberal Arts is no stranger to that topic. From artists to sociologists, musicians to philosophers, historians to literature experts, our faculty have explored issues of illness, wellness, health, and healing in a variety of disciplines.

Watch, read, and listen to some of them speak about their subject areas.


Art and Health: A conversation between Paul Flippen and Aparna Gollapudi

Assistant Professor of Art Paul Flippen and Professor of English Aparna Gollapudi speak to the power of combining image and text to communicate an experience and emotion. Visual art can help us to connect with others beyond words.

Sickness, suffering and supplication: A conversation about health and medicine during the Middle Ages and early modern era in Europe

Read and listen to a conversation between two historians – a medieval historian and a cultural historian – discussing illness, health, and healing in Europe in the 14th-17th centuries.

Art and Health: A conversation between scholars John McGuire and Domenica Romagni

Associate Professor of Music John McGuire and Assistant Professor of Philosophy Domenica Romagni speak about the importance of a holistic approach to learning that puts well-being at the forefront. McGuire and Romagni address the need for the consideration of the whole person over one’s identity as a performer or academic.

World Health graphic - red lasers springing out of primary health concert areas of the globe
Lenses of the Liberal Arts: Health

Read articles from all of our disciplines in the liberal arts about issues of health — how each disciplines in the arts, humanities, and social sciences help us identify, analyze, and understand our world from a variety of perspectives.

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