Professor of English named interim chief academic officer for CSU System

Roze Hentschell, professor of English and senior associate dean in the College of Liberal Arts at Colorado State University, has been named interim chief academic officer of the CSU System for the 2022-23 academic year. She will be filling the role held by Rick Miranda while he is serving as interim president of the CSU campus in Fort Collins.

In this role she will be responsible for  

  • Staffing the Academic and Student Affairs Committee (ASAC) of the Board of Governors and working with the provosts of the three Universities (CSU Fort Collins, CSU Pueblo, and CSU Global) to prepare the agenda for the ASAC meetings. 
  • Serving as the primary liaison between the CSU System and the Colorado Department of Higher Education. The CAO serves on the Academic Council of the CDHE. 
  • Advising the chancellor on legislative affairs that relate to academic matters and coordinating with the executive vice chancellor on lobbying and other communications with legislative committees, legislators, and the governor’s staff. 
  • Serving as a general resource to the provosts of the universities on academic and administrative matters as needed. 
Roze Hentschell
Roze Hentschell, Professor of English and Senior Associate Dean in the CSU College of Liberal Arts, has been named Interim Chief Academic Officer of the CSU System.

The interim CAO role is a 30% appointment and Hentschell will retain her senior associate dean duties for the College, focusing her efforts on growing and enhancing the college’s undergraduate and graduate programs, including graduate student involvement in governance and faculty mentoring. 

Hentschell recently completed the American Council on Education (ACE) Fellows program, immersed in the study and practice of higher education leadership, both with the ACE curriculum and in the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at the University of California San Diego, her host campus. In addition to teaching in the English department since 2002 and serving in the Dean’s Office since 2016, she teaches in the Honors Program, serves on several university-wide committees, and has helped build several education abroad programs, including a program at the CSU center in Todos Santos, Mexico.  

A scholar of early modern literature and culture, Hentschell’s most recent book, St Paul’s Cathedral Precinct in Early Modern Literature and Culture: Spatial Practices, was published in 2020 from Oxford University Press. Next year, her collection on the humanities and higher education leadership will be published by Purdue University Press. 

“I am honored to be entrusted with this important work. I will continue to serve CSU Fort Collins, my academic home for the past 20 years, and am eager to work with the academic leadership at CSU Pueblo, CSU Global, and CSU FC. I am equally looking forward to working with the Board of Governors on academic matters and to serve as the liaison between the CSU system and the CDHE/CCHE.” Roze Hentschell

“Roze brings a great combination of faculty and administrative experience to this role, and she has the energy, knowledge, and insight to step into a dynamic set of duties and keep all our System academic matters moving forward,” Chancellor Tony Frank said. “I am exceptionally grateful for her willingness to take this on – and just a little bit afraid that she only said ‘yes’ because she was in a good mood when I contacted her in the middle of her vacation. But I have no doubt she will do a wonderful job, and I really appreciate it.”