Community invited to Dec. 7 event for exhibition on the history of brewing in Fort Collins

History Harvest flyer

The Fort Collins community is invited to engage in an interactive experience with brewing enthusiasts and CSU graduate students at “History Harvest,” being held from 10 a.m. to noon on Dec. 7 at the Global Village Museum.

The event provides a venue for participants to share local or international brewing memorabilia, artifacts, photos and recipes with one another as well as with CSU graduate students.

Assistant Professor Thomas Cauvin of the Department of History organized the event for his graduate-level course “Museum Methods.” The public event aims to collect items to create an exhibition documenting the historical, environmental and global dimensions of brewing. The exhibition, Brewing History: Fort Collins’ Global Connections, will open on March 6, 2020, at the Global Village Museum, which is located at 200 W. Mountain Ave. in Fort Collins.

Through the “History Harvest,” Cauvin hopes to not only share artifacts, but also start a dialogue with attendees on possible topics and questions that his students could explore and incorporate in the spring exhibition. All objects brought to the event will be documented in case they can become part of the spring exhibition, with the agreement of their owners.

“The exhibition is an amazing opportunity to connect students, the University, and local partners over a popular topic,” Cauvin said. “The whole exhibition is designed as a public and collaborative experience.”

For more information, contact Cauvin at or visit the event on Facebook.