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Researching Spanish language needs at veterinary clinics

Through a grant from PetSmart Charities, Edward Sarasty Salazar is working as a graduate research assistant to improve access to veterinary care for Spanish-speaking pet owners. His work will contribute to the development of a curriculum of Spanish for Veterinarians.

College of Liberal Arts Community

Ram Walk has a new look

Ram Walk — nearly 500 feet of Ram pride that connects CSU’s game day campus showcase — celebrates the CSU experience and its community of learners, educators, staff and alumni. Stretching from Canvas Stadium to the great green fields at the heart of campus, Ram Walk embodies CSU’s mission of service, learning, research, and outreach and unifies CSU’s game day experience the best of CSU that will be on display this fall. Read more about the creation of this year’s Ram Walk.

Research & Creative Scholarship

Outstanding Grads

Outstanding Grad: Jackson Hunter

Jackson Hunter has served as the president of the Liberal Arts Dean's Leadership Council and competed in the 2022 World Championships for Irish Dance while earning his two degrees in political science and history.

Outstanding Grad: Abby Allison

Her tenacity in spite of the pandemic, general optimism, and ability to perform with great talent have made Abby a true leader in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance at CSU.


The Conversation

College of Liberal Arts Magazine

Navigating Borders

A border can be so many different things and have so many different implications once it is drawn. Borders define culture, opportunity, and identity. Some borders are visible and tangible while others are conceptual and symbolic. Learn more about how the liberal arts helps us navigate the borders in our lives in the Winter 2021 issue of the College of Liberal Arts Magazine.

Together, We

Learn more about our curiosity, ability to adapt, engagement with the community, and research and creative expertise in the Spring 2021 issue of the College of Liberal Arts Magazine.

Lenses of the Liberal Arts: Health

The focus of our majors in liberal arts - culture, politics, communications, economics, and the like - intertwine with health challenges worldwide that range from pandemics to affordable housing, air quality to spiritual health. Learn more about how the liberal arts approach the topic of health in the Winter 2020/Spring 2021 issue of the College of Liberal Arts Magazine.

Lenses of the Liberal Arts: Space and Place

In the Winter 2019/Spring 2020 issue of the Liberal Arts Magazine, we apply the lenses of the liberal arts to place and space. Colorado State University and the Clark Building are both spaces located in Fort Collins, along the Front Range, in the Mountain West. But they are also places -- made meaningful by the people attached to them and the memories created within, through, and because of them.