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Faculty Friday: Peter Erickson

Peter Erickson loved the challenge of studying a foreign language while he was in college, and now enjoys teaching diverse topics related to German culture, philosophy, history, and art in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.

Faculty Friday: Robert Gudmestad

Robert Gudmestad loved history from an early age, especially the Civil War. After a short career as a U.S. Immigration special agent, Gudmestad returned to school to pursue a career as a teacher and southern U.S. historian.

Faculty Friday: Susan Opp

Susan Opp has always been driven to help communities, but she didn't always know that she wanted to go into public policy. Now a professor in the Department of Political Science, she is proud to call herself a "pracademic."

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St. Paul’s Cathedral and a sense of place

"The stories we tell, about people and about history, are necessarily about place. By attending to the interactions between place and people and to the multiple stories these interactions tell—we discover a more complex understanding of London’s cathedral"

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