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Outstanding Grads of Fall 2018

Here are a few stories of personal challenges overcome, family responsibilities shouldered, educational changes in direction that finally led to a true passion, as well as learning, growth and success along the way to graduation.

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Faculty Friday

Faculty Friday: Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott has been interested in the environment from an early age, and is now an expert in environmental policy in the Department of Political Science.

Faculty Friday: Madeline Harvey

Madeline Harvey, assistant professor of ballet, considers dance her first language. Since she was little, she's always wanted to be a dancer and choreographer. She's living that dream as a faculty member in the CSU dance program.

Faculty Friday: Frédérique Grim

Frédérique Grim teaches French in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures because she loves how learning a new language and culture offers students a path to worldly adventures and career opportunities.

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Speak. Disrupt. Empower.

Political science professor Courtenay Daum researches how the right to free speech enables the modern protest movements of marginalized groups.