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Faculty Friday: Edward Barbier

Archived journals from American colonial pirates sparked Dr. Edward Barbier's interest in research while he was in middle school. Now, he is a professor of economics and Senior Scholar in the School of Global Environmental Sustainability.

Faculty Friday: Hye Seung Chung

A long-time lover of cinema, Dr. Hye Seung Chung in the Department of Communication Studies enjoys surprising her students with just how impactful and profound film can be.

Faculty Friday: Kathleen Galvin

Kathleen Galvin, a professor in the Department of Anthropology and director of the Africa Center in the School for Global Environmental Sustainability, works with vulnerable communities at risk from climate and other global changes.

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St. Paul’s Cathedral and a sense of place

"The stories we tell, about people and about history, are necessarily about place. By attending to the interactions between place and people and to the multiple stories these interactions tell—we discover a more complex understanding of London’s cathedral"

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Speak. Disrupt. Empower.

Political science professor Courtenay Daum researches how the right to free speech enables the modern protest movements of marginalized groups.