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Faculty Friday: Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott has been interested in the environment from an early age, and is now an expert in environmental policy in the Department of Political Science.

Faculty Friday: Madeline Harvey

Madeline Harvey, assistant professor of ballet, considers dance her first language. Since she was little, she's always wanted to be a dancer and choreographer. She's living that dream as a faculty member in the CSU dance program.

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Name a Seat after your Valentine

You love watching the performing arts in the University Center for the Arts. You also love your Valentine. Surprise your sweetheart with an extra-special Valentines Day gift: Name a Seat after them!

The Conversation

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Water as Science and Art

Water plays many roles in our lives: from nourishment to relaxation to destruction. Its captivating qualities provide fodder for painters and photographers.

Water lessons from the Syrian Civil War

For millenia, water scarcity and security has caused both wars and international cooperation. But with increasing populations, precipitation changes due to climate change, and unbalanced resource allocation, water issues are becoming more and more relevant to global stability. Case in point: the Syrian civil war. CSU alumnus David Bonomo provides a look into the issue.

Walking Up Stream: Sleeping rough on the banks of the South Platte River

Chris Conner (M.A. ’11) has spent the majority of his career working to improve the lives of those experiencing homelessness in Denver. Inspired by the rhetorical traditions of his communication studies degree, Conner recently helped one man share an unlikely story of living and sleeping rough on the banks of the South Platte River.