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Faculty Friday: Ryan Scott

Ryan Scott has been interested in the environment from an early age, and is now an expert in environmental policy in the Department of Political Science.

Faculty Friday: Madeline Harvey

Madeline Harvey, assistant professor of ballet, considers dance her first language. Since she was little, she's always wanted to be a dancer and choreographer. She's living that dream as a faculty member in the CSU dance program.

Faculty Friday: Frédérique Grim

Frédérique Grim teaches French in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures because she loves how learning a new language and culture offers students a path to worldly adventures and career opportunities.

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Water takes center stage in CSU Theatre’s latest production

Big Love by Charles Mee has been called a big, beautiful, fantastic mess. Just like love, or perhaps like water. Water plays a major role in the on-stage dynamic, and the key to success is collaboration between the multiple theatrical shops. From the set designer to the technical director, all members of CSU’s Theatre worked together to make the production a success (and not a mess!)

Slow, Still, Defiant: A poet meditates on water

In his latest book of poetry, Walks Along the Ditch, Bill Tremblay (CSU Professor of English, 1973 to 2006) introduces us to the flow that has long provided a cadence to his life: poetry, water, t’ai chi. The poems walk us along the ditch with the poet: the water, the familiar Mountain West geography, the “smell of money” from Greeley, the morning song of meadowlarks.

Sharing the lessons learned during the 2013 Colorado flood

What can a historian do in response to life-threatening flooding like we’ve seen in Northern Colorado? Quite a lot it turns out. By documenting the communication, cooperation, and activity of disaster responders, historians capture the knowledge and information-sharing process that is so crucial to future response and recovery.

The Meaning of Water: Identity, place, and purpose

Water lies at the heart of what it means to be human and what it means to flourish in our own place in the world. From a philosophical and ethical perspective, our particular understandings and interpretations of water reveal our sense of identity (the who), our sense of place (the where), and our meaning and purpose in the world (the why).