Outstanding Grad: Cort Johnson

Cort JohnsonCort Johnson

Degree: Cultural Anthropology

Minor: Global Environmental Sustainability

Cort Johnson (he/him) has been recommended as an Outstanding Graduate for the College of Liberal Arts by Instructor of International Studies Meagan Todd. Most notably, Todd highlights that Cort is an exemplary scholar, researcher, and athlete.

Learn more about Cort’s story below:

1. Why did you choose to study at CSU?

“I chose to study at CSU mainly because my older brother attended CSU and when I came to visit, I saw a bunch of things that I liked; I could see myself here. I also knew I wanted to do something involving the environment and sustainability so CSU’s track record with those disciplines and campus sustainability definitely pulled me in.”

2. How has your background shaped your experience here at CSU, and what advice would you give to students of similar identities?

“I come from a very privileged background, so going out of my comfort zone and interacting with people who have unique experiences and viewpoints has been really important for me. I would advise people to do the same: try not to get stuck in a bubble and learn from others who have knowledge and experiences that you lack.”

3. What accomplishments from your educational career at CSU are you most proud of? How were you able to accomplish those things?

“I’m most proud of my capstone project and this year’s final projects in general. I think that they bring together a lot of the things I’ve learned from a wide variety of classes, and I was recently able to present this research in front of several of my past professors. The support from these professors as well as my capstone supervisor, Dr. Snodgrass, have been integral in this project and my education as a whole.”

4. What has been the most challenging aspect of your educational career so far? How have you overcome those difficulties?

“One of the most challenging aspects of my educational career so far has been balancing my education with club soccer. Beyond practicing three to five times per week, I also served as Vice President for a semester and President for two. My senior year has required a lot of time management as I keep deadlines in mind related to projects, papers, and tournaments.”

5. What are your post-graduation plans and goals?

“After graduation I’ll be moving back home to Arvada and working full-time at the Butterfly Pavilion. I’m excited to enter the environmental non-profit space and hope to continue in this field for the foreseeable future. I’ll still be in Fort Collins often, however, as I come up to visit my partner, Luci, who is working towards a degree in Biology on a pre-vet track!”